Thoughts about my first pregnancy — 20 weeks

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Yesterday it was 20 weeks, 5 months. Up until two weeks ago, my belly was pretty much non-existent (at the beginning of October, at almost 4 months, I was still doing dance shows in tiny clothes!). But now it seems to be growing at the speed of light.

I know it seems small in the photo, but I promise it’s much bigger in person. When I undress in the evening and look down, now I can only see half of my feet. And in my dance classes, with mirror all round, I look like a meatball compared to my ballerina friends.

Here’s a coupe of cobweb thoughts about my first pregnancy.

I hated the first three months of nausea and bloating, but now that all seems sooooo far away. I love his/her kicks, even when they make me jump. I’m not usually very emotional, but I’ve become so irrational lately (luckily, my personal hero always comes and rescues me. Yes, that’s Alex). I’m always—ALWAYS—hungry and never feel like the right foods (but I make my best effort to stay paleo, or sort of). For the first time in my life I’m not sleeping well (up until the fourth month I had terrible nightmares almost every night), I have to go to the bathroom at least twice a night and I’m thinking of getting this funny pregnancy pillow. I have huge boobs and I wanna keep them, please! I can’t wait for my belly to be enormous. I’m looking forward to Tuesday to find out if our little monkey is a she or a he.

But in general, I hope time will fly because I can’t wait to meet him/her.

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  1. Esattamente ciò che provo io: la fame di cose sbagliate, le nottate in bianco intervallate da tante pause pipì, le tette giganti che vorremmo sempre…e anche se son soltanto al terzo mese anch’io non vedo l’ora di sapere chi porto in grembo! Mi hai fatto commuovere…vabbè diciamo che ho la lacrima parecchio facile in questo periodo! 🙂

    • Lacrime facili, nottate in bianco e fame tentatrice a parte, è bello sapere che siamo sulla stessa barca, noi future mamme, qualunque mese sia! Grazie per il tuo commento (mi ha fatta sorridere) e un "evviva" alle tette giganti!! 😉

  2. che bel pancino!!

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